Fizztastic is a superb option for any child at any age. Fizztastic involves a disco environment; lots of fun and interactive games to play and lots of fun prizes! Our aim is to make your birthday child feel very special and to keep your guests entertained from the very start to the very finish! With optional cool lighting effects, smoke machines, bubble machines and snow machines this is guaranteed to get the children jumping with joy! With over 10,000 songs in our system we will keep the children dancing to their favorites throughout the whole party and possibly even the adults!



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Fizztastic Party

Fizz Wizz Party

Fizz Circus Party

Princesses and Super Heroes

All of our party options contain fun and interactive games suitable for all age groups. All of our party themes include exciting games such as musical bumps, the opposite game, musical statues, dance competitions, limbo challenge, wrap the mummy, the animal game, our exhilarating balloon race and many more!!


This party is ideal for all you Witches and Wizards out there! This party combines music, games and magic to make your child’s party truly magical. To get the party kick started we play some cool tunes for the children to dance too. We then play some fun and exciting games, followed by a 30minute magic show that will leave both the children and adults speechless! We like to get as many children involved as possible to help with the magic and may even need some adult help too!

This is for all of you princesses and superheroes out there! This is a fantastic party for children who have a wonderful imagination. We start the party with a grand entrance with either princess or superhero music. The birthday child enters the room like a true princess/ hero. We then do a small introduction before the real fun begins! With games themed accordingly, this is a great fun for all the children. Even our entertainers get involved by dressing up as their favorite super hero too! With lots of prizes and specially selected games this party is definitely one that will be remembered.

This party lets you escape to the exciting circus life! Watch a juggling and plate spinning show and then learn how to juggle balls, spin plates, stilt walk and throw clubs! This party option is great for the slightly older children (6+), but can be adapted for younger ones too. This party involves a couple of circus themed games to get warmed up, a small circus show and then the opportunity for the children to learn how to juggle, spin plates and stilt walk. Just make sure you hide the apples and oranges when you get back home!

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Football Party

Why not kick start this World Cup with your own football party! With lots of different fun football games and prizes, this party is definitely going to be a WIN! This party comes with goal posts, footballs, training cones, your own football coach and lots of fun! Call now to find out more!